Office security is one of the most fundamental concerns for businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. Any threat to the office assets or employees results in heavy losses to the businesses; this typically comes in the form of capital expenditure, healthcare and social security. Even though small office security may seem simple, it requires a great deal of planning.

The main components of a best small office security system should include the following components of access control systems.

  1. A combination of surveillance, access control, security lights, and manual access interruptions are four major components of a best small office security system
  2. High-quality physical access equipment like intelligent locks, controllers, keypads etc.
  3. Best small office security camera system should be installed covering all important access points
  4. Additional layer of a standalone locking system is desirable for sensitive assets like servers and other critical equipment
  5. The paper files should be locked in cupboards
  6. A proper monitoring of the movement of employees and outsiders should be done
  7. A record of visitors and employees’ time log should be maintained
  8. Should be powered by the latest technologies like remote access through cloud and mobile devices