In the past couple of years, modern technology has created one of the most powerful customer engagement channels, Virtual Assistant. It is an automated messaging assistance feature that understands human language and is able to send back reply instantly. Our Virtual Assistant service offers our customers a mix of both their preferences -  a conversation with a customer care officer and the speed of live chat.

We believe in the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and that’s why we are promised to deliver security applications and services that are cost-effective, user-friendly, and most importantly, highly efficient in protecting your computer system from cyber security-based risks and hazards like damage to hardware, hacking of customer information and accounts, spyware and so on.


Both you and your customers can be benefited in multiple ways by having our AI features in your service portfolio. You can distinguish these services from traditionally operated services by considering the differences below: 

AI Relationship

There are multiple standard responses set as input in our VA that none of your customer’s unexpected negative attitudes can stimulate it to provide an offensive reaction. VA has its own Artificial Intelligence feature which will understand customer’s moods or intension and generate a preferable friendly response to manage the situation effectively. In case of failure to handle the problem, the AI can understand the depth of the situation and afterward hand it over to a real customer representative for further assistance


By having our VA service, you can save the time, effort, and cost of employee train-up. VA can deliver you the service that you expect from a highly professional employee assigned for multiple designated tasks

Data Records

Instant record of data in an organized way so that anytime you can find out the required data of your customer within a moment  

Always Online

Our AI is designed to help your business 24/7. Even at midnight or on holidays, you are allowed to access our VA service to fulfill your query.   

Customer Management

At a time VA can operate effective communication tasks with an unlimited number of customers

Access From Anywhere

No need to physically present to the customer care center or bank branch offices. With our VA service, you can access the isolution concerning your query from anywhere over internet.  

Operation Mode

Include VA in your service portfolio and all your customers can communicate with you by chatting through the messenger window. No need to arrange face to face interaction service by recruiting a number of customer care officers.